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Illegally Fast

Measuring a load time in seconds is already too slow. By 3 seconds, half of your visitors have abandoned you. That's why BAM has excruciating standards for performance to the point of human imperceptibility.

We're talking milliseconds here..

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*Speed average data from Google Speed Index & HTTP Archive

The Gold Standard
Of Web Infrastructure.

We use superior technology with proven reliability.

Amazon Web Services Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated AWS Hosting

The platform trusted by Netflix & most major companies, totaling 40% of all web traffic. Your site runs on a dedicated auto-scaling server cluster to handle any amount of visitors. The server is just for you: maximized speed and bandwidth, no sharing resources.

BAM Technologies Languages React Redux NodeJS SASSBAM Technologies Languages React Redux NodeJS SASS

Serious Software, Endless Possibilities

We use enterprise-grade software and development methods usually reserved for industry leaders; advanced technologies invented less than a decade ago.

Our expertise with custom software and graphic design yields web experiences that are beautiful, intuitive, and sometimes, even magical. All software and designs are produced in-house.

Get Noticed

With SEO Pros

Don't Be Invisible Online

BAM fine-tunes websites behind the scenes to get the best search results possible. We audit our sites for SEO performances to ensure everyone can find you.

We Practice Safe Search

  • Server Rendering

    Faster complete crawl indexing

  • Optimized Code

    Ideal structure for search crawlers

  • Rich Data

    Complete detailed HTML metadata

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